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Why I am Running for Mayor

Why I am running:

I am running for mayor because I believe I have the style and insight to move the city forward and encourage civic engagement and collaboration with other communities and entities. I believe that I have a broad grasp of the problems we face as a community and a process for finding positive solutions by working with our schools, businesses and residents. The key to problem solving is listening, respecting, and discussing the many ideas and solutions readily available within and outside the community. Together we can chart a strong future for Roseville that preserves what is unique and wonderful and provides a sustainable future so that all our residents can continue to call Roseville “home.”

Ideas I would Champion if Elected:

  • Find sustainable solutions to reduce taxes
  • Use of land trusts to provide long term stability for affordable housing
  • Promote plan to end use of reserves to balance the operating budget
  • Reinstate referendum for capital expenditures over $3 million
  • Encourage more work sessions that include discussions of important policies and topics
  • Lead city to map out long term strategy
  • Encourage and develop policies to define and preserve neighborhood character
  • Discourage ad hoc development
  • Promote local business
  • Partner with our school districts to benefit residents, businesses, and students
  • Continue business support through our EDA and Community Development programs