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Forcing Transparency

Citizens and businesses need to be kept apprised of what is going on in city government. During the past few years we have made considerable strides to aid the information flow from the City to residents and businesses. Community Development has launched “Grow Roseville” which covers all aspects of business activities in Roseville. Our website was redesigned and is continually striving to provide current initiatives as well as meeting schedules and Council meeting minutes. Our City News has been expanded to include more information and sections for each of our departments.

However, there is still work to be done. We need to work harder and find new ways to educate our citizens on the importance of their input in building their vision for the city. Most of all, we need to create meaningful and convenient ways for citizen participation and positive action based on their input. If we fail to act positively when ideas and desires are brought forward, we lose the engagement and trust of the community--and the vitality of our City.

One recent example of community engagement that was successful was the RHRA's charrette process used to determine neighborhood desires for residential development on the former Dale Street Fire Station site. The process was open to all and well attended. As with any such project, compromises were made, but it was an excellent collaboration between the City, developers, and residents. While this project shows the strength of the collaboration between the neighborhood, city, and developers, it also provided residents with a closer look at government operations. What are developers willing to do? What will be the cost/benefit to the city of various scenarios? What are simply dreams? What are feasible options? What compromises will yield the best result? And for whom? These are those "transparencies" so critical good government.

The Council has taken some positive actions together with our City Manager and Finance Director in both streamlining the budget process and making it more accessible to the public. We have created a Finance Commission made up of residents with specific backgrounds in finance and strong interest in and knowledge of financial processes. This group has been charged with providing the Council with additional assistance in making the budget more accessible and studying and recommending changes and enhancements to our financial processes and presentations. They have also provided additional review of budgetary questions and spending. They are tasked with reviewing suggestions and the budgets; they cannot plan the strategy or get the Council to enact their suggestions.

I believe that when residents are well informed and provided with ample opportunities to participate in city planning, everyone benefits. Citizen understanding and involvement enables the Council to make decisions that create the community residents and businesses are seeking.

Encouraging Citizen Participation and Collaboration

Enhancing and Protecting Neighborhoods

Calming Residential Traffic

Supporting Local Business

Programming for Seniors

Ensuring Stable Affordable Housing

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Planning for Sustainable Amenities