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Protecting Health, Safety, and Welfare

Preserving our Environment

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Encouraging Citizen Participation and Collaboration

Enhancing and Protecting Neighborhoods

Calming Residential Traffic

Most Roseville residents want to live on quiet streets with little traffic still have easy access to major roadways. Instead many neighborhood streets provide an opportunity for commuters to bypass traffic north or east when major MNDOT or Ramsey County roads are under construction, clogged with traffic, or stopped due to a traffic accident. When this happens, many of our residential streets become the next best path to somewhere else and our neighborhoods suffer from this increased car traffic. I believe we need to work to develop policies and strategies to keep that traffic on our major freeways, 35W, 36, and 51, and off our residential streets. In order to redirect this pass through traffic, we need to use a variety of “traffic calming” options to make our residential streets less attractive as a “routine pass through route.”

There are many opportunities and options for controlling pass through traffic. Some require collaboration with our State and County partners; some of our residential streets can be altered simply with our own planning. Residents have the option of providing ideas to the Council for alterations to their residential streets to make them safer. I believe these residents should be encouraged and empowered to make suggestions that will inform our city policies and actions. The City needs to assist residents in these efforts and protect residents’ investment in home ownership by upholding commitments regarding street development and infrastructure changes. Residents who purchase homes on cul-du-sacs should be able to feel confident that the City will not decide to “open” their area onto another street. Residents should be able to come to the City and find a willing partner if making their neighborhood more attractive and their streets safer!

Supporting Local Business

Programming for Seniors

Ensuring Stable Affordable Housing

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Planning for Sustainable Amenities