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We are a “senior” suburb as shown in our demographics. Our seniors are the majority of our volunteers, are good neighbors, keep up their property, plan to remain active, and participate in our civic life, and many want to stay in their homes. We need to make affordable senior housing a priority.

According to recent demographic studies, over 40% of Roseville’s population is over 50, 20% over 65, and 5% over 80. Our seniors want the ability and support to stay in their homes, and we should assist by offering activities and programs that allow them to do so. We should be working to see that our seniors are praised and honored for all they do for our community and seen as the vital attribute they are. To be a "complete community" we need young families, too, but not at the expense of the seniors whose contributions built Roseville. The young parents are the seniors of tomorrow, happy that their homes are on one level and that they have life-long neighbors living nearby.

Programs: We have some programs in Roseville that assist seniors who wish to stay in their homes. Roseville A/D (Altzheimer’s and Dementia) provides information and programming to assist both individuals and caregivers suffering from these diseases. CHAT (Community Health Action Team) is a Roseville group that offers programming on aging, disease, elder planning, and caregiving through a wide variety of speakers and programs. NYSF (Northeast Youth and Family Services) has a senior chore program that provides young people to do chores such as yard work, light cleaning, painting, etc. that many seniors need.

Senior Housing: Although I am a livelong advocate of seniors staying in their homes, not all seniors can remain in their homes and not all wish to do so. I have volunteered at Presbyterian Homes for over 17 years, visiting residents, feeding residents, and caring for the aviaries. Many Roseville residents volunteer and then reside in our senior housing, assisted living, and nursing facilities. These individuals, too, are part of our "complete" community.

Affordable Senior Housing: Many seniors chose to stay in Roseville, but not in their homes. They seek condos or apartments where many of the onerous chores of home maintenance are handled by others. However, for many finding such housing becomes a difficult search with limited or objectionable options. This is a housing need that has not been widely available in our community. I believe that we should tackle this problem and see that there is long-term, affordable, multi-family housing for seniors. We may not be able to satisfy everyone, but we can try and do our best to be sure that our seniors are not among those of the growing number of senior homeless. I believe we can be successful in tackling this problem!

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