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There has been much discussion regarding “affordable” housing. In Roseville, it has centered largely on housing for seniors. While we have much senior housing, we do not have any that provides stable, long-term affordability for our residents.

A Roseville resident who has lost a spouse or has a disable spouse or lives alone but is unable to handle all the chores of home ownership and living on a fixed income has few options for staying in Roseville. In general “affordable” housing in Minnesota does not provide a guarantee of permanence beyond the development term, usually some 15 years. What that means for seniors moving into housing at 65 or 67 is that they are likely to be asked to leave as the building is sold and “upgraded” when they are 80 or 82. For most of us, trying to find affordable housing and moving at that age is a daunting if not impossible task. For many seniors the loss of their “affordable apartment” could result in homelessness—and does as seniors are an increasing demographic among our homeless.

I believe that we should review and discuss as a city and community the concept of a “land trust” whereby the City owns the land and recruits a builder to develop the “affordable housing” our residents have requested and need. I would like to see if we could further offer preference to current Roseville residents who have lived here for some time.

We could also require of builders and developers that in return for city support 20% of their project needs to be “affordable.” We would be in a position to determine how long that “affordability” would last and whether it would move forward through sales of the property.

We are better than the “have” and “have not” strategy of the developers who often come to us with proposals, leveraging their projects for “market rate” housing on the backs of the public funds provided for “affordable housing.” We can lead in the area of quality programs and housing for all if we have the desire and will to do so! I believe Roseville is such a community and look forward to helping achieve that goal.

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