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Protecting Health, Safety, and Welfare

Preserving our Environment

Roseville is blessed in many ways: its location, its diverse neighborhoods, its large commercial sector, its strong business community, and its people. Enhancing all these benefits is our lovely network of small and large parks. Roseville’s environment, like all cities in the metro area, has pollution and traffic created by the entire metro area, yet Roseville has a commitment to parks and open space second to none. We have lakes, ponds, marshes, recreational fields, and natural areas. The provide places for water infiltration, opportunities for resident wellness through walking and biking, and air filtration through our healthy urban forest canopy.  

Urban Canopy: There are many programs and ways to ensure the long term health and diversity of our tree canopy.. We need to assist residents in the selection of trees which will be able to better withstand the onslaught of pests and climate that climate change has and will continue to bring—from the Japanese Beetle to the Emerald Ash Borer. Many species of pines are suffering and are predicted to no longer survive in our area due to climate change. In the face of these challenges, we need to provide opportunities for residents to learn about new types of shrubs and trees that will do well under new or changing climatic conditions to maintain our healthy and attractive environment.

Solar Panels: We can help the environment by working to create opportunities for solar energy collection and use. While many homes are too shaded to take much advantage of solar panels, our parking lots, commercial roof tops, and city structures could provide great places for community solar gardens. We can, as we recently have, purchase alternative energy for City buildings from solar gardens located outside our city.

Water/Sewer Infrastructure: Roseville is striving to do more through its repair and replacement of our water and sewer infrastructure. This is a large project undertaken some 6 years ago and funded through base fee charges on each water bill. Updating our infrastructure helps us reduce additional costs from the Metropolitan Council. How to equitably fund this work is a topic for discussion.

Future Conversations and Ideas: We are doing a very good job, but more can be done. We can encourage more volunteers to work on the maintenance of our natural areas. We can establish task forces to study more environmental enhancements. We could consider having some charging stations for electric cars. We can see about additional transportation like shuttles to take people to jobs and grocery stores. We should provide more opportunities for community gardens. We can encourage alternative energy options. We can review options for organized trash collection to reduce costs and pollution. We can see about more green space options in our parking lots. These are just a few things we can do as a community. Residents have lots of ideas and we should listen and act. We should try to make Roseville a leader in environmental protection in the metro area!

Understanding Grass Roots Government

Forcing Transparency

Encouraging Citizen Participation and Collaboration

Enhancing and Protecting Neighborhoods

Calming Residential Traffic

Supporting Local Business

Programming for Seniors

Ensuring Stable Affordable Housing

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Planning for Sustainable Amenities