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Encouraging Citizen Participation and Collaboration

In order to keep moving forward we need to be infusing our community with new ideas and new ways of doing things. I believe we are at a critical point in our history in Roseville. We have had a successful model, but times are changing and changing rapidly. We need to explore new ideas and new directions, while keeping those elements of our past that have served us well. To do this, we need the assistance of all segments of our community and all the ideas they can generate.

Below are many efforts that have been undertaken in the past few years. They are all excellent starting points for more community engagement, but we can use more models and examples for citizen involvement in which all citizens are invited, welcomed, and encouraged to participate. As the City plans for the future it needs to utilize all our resources-- our citizens, businesses, and public institutions. We need to welcome and embrace increasing diversity and the new and interesting cultural contributions this diversity brings to the city. We need to encourage diversity in our work force and public safety personnel. We need everyone working together to build a successful future for our City!

The Council must respond positively to residents and groups seeking support, collaboration, or cooperation from their government. The Council should provide more opportunities to “vet” ideas in the community through short meetings, work sessions, or task forces that are open to all who wish to participate. To that end, the Council could provide more real work sessions that center on citizen initiatives and suggestions.

A Few Citizen Initiatives:

Our citizens have taken a very active role apart from any City encouragement to enhance our community. A group of residents, care givers, and professionals in the community secured an ACT on Alzheimer’s grant for the city. They have completed a survey process in our business community to create awareness of the issue of dementia and to solicit suggestions for making our community more dementia friendly. They now post regularly as Roseville A/D. As a subset of that initial work, other residents formed the Community Health Awareness Team (CHAT) that offers useful information, programs, and workshops about aging, health, planning, and caregivng. Do Good Roseville, another citizen initiated group, provides many services including winter clothing drives, welcome gatherings for minorities, and programs and presentations at the library and park buildings on important social issues. The Rice Street Gardens which host 250 plots for those with food insecurity to grow produce is a collaborative project started by a Roseville resident. The group has secured some picnic tables and a local pastor from a nearby church is offering English classes there to the gardeners who wish to improve their English language skills.

It is this type of work by residents that makes Roseville so special! Let’s get a supportive Council, too.

Enhancing and Protecting Neighborhoods

Calming Residential Traffic

Supporting Local Business

Programming for Seniors

Ensuring Stable Affordable Housing

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Planning for Sustainable Amenities