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Protecting Health, Safety, and Welfare

Preserving our Environment

Understanding Grass Roots Government

Forcing Transparency

Encouraging Citizen Participation and Collaboration

Enhancing and Protecting Neighborhoods

Calming Residential Traffic

Supporting Local Business

We need local businesses to remain a strong part of our economy be they small banks, companies, retail shops, or providers of services. Why do we need them? We need them because of all the businesses we have, they are the most likely to hire locally and contribute to activities in our community. They have the management structure that allows them to understand the needs of the community and to respond more directly when opportunities to contribute arise. They provide sponsorship for athletic events and civic events such as those in Rosefest. They sponsor local athletic teams and are active partners with our schools. They are like our “neighbors.”

In our community small businesses are essential because often they have the ability to respond quickly and effectively to local needs—sometimes even to individual needs like keeping specific products on hand for a particular customer, extending credit during hard times, or delivering goods to a special customer in need. For many, the local business, on its smaller scale, makes it easier to navigate physically as well as intellectually. They often have staff that is local and long-term making it easier to quickly transact business or in the case of a bank, possibly get more favorable support when seeking a loan or mortgage.

We need the larger companies and service centers, too, but our local neighborhood businesses and companies are key to community. We need to encourage them, support them, and keep them strong and plentiful!

Programming for Seniors

Ensuring Stable Affordable Housing

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Planning for Sustainable Amenities