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I have been involved in my community and neighborhood for over 39 years. In fact, I have been active in every community I have lived in, including Providence, Rhode Island, Madison, Wisconsin, and Boulder, Colorado. I believe this varied background enables me to bring a slightly different perspective and some new ideas to many of the local issues we face here. This is an essential attribute when discussing, planning, and partnering with other individuals, groups, businesses, or municipalities.

I have volunteered extensively during my time in Minnesota. For Roseville, I served on the Transportation Committee of the Vista 2000 project, was a member of the Twin Lakes Stakeholder's Panel, served on the Human Rights Commission, and volunteered in classrooms for the Roseville School District. I perform water monitoring of Langton Lake for Rice Creek Watershed District and Metropolitan Council collecting and filtering water samples, participated as a member of the Business Retention and Expansion survey team, the ACT on Alzheimer’s survey team, and the Dale Street Fire Station Charrette process. I have volunteered for the Hennepin County Humane Society, served on the Board of Directors of the Domestic Abuse Project, and have volunteered at Presbyterian Homes of Arden Hills for the past 17 years.

Water Testing     The water samples I collect at Langton Lake Park every two weeks all summer allow the Rice Creek Watershed District and the Metropolitan Council to monitor and measure water quality in this and other area lakes.

While I currently work as a property manager, my career, too, has been varied. I have worked as a teacher, an engineering manager, a legal guardian, and a technical writer. I have worked in major universities in administrative capacities and in a large corporation as an engineering manager. I have managed large departments (35+ employees) and budgets in excess of 6 million dollars. I understand finances, business, and budgets. I also understand how to minimize expenditures and avoid wasting money.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and my Masters in Arts and Teaching at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. I have a strong interest in the environment, neighborhoods, and communities. One of my interests is studying and learning what programs and processes seem successful in building communities and encouraging citizen participation in local government.

Tammy at Langton Lake

Roseville's Langton Lake Park is one of my favorites. My husband and daughter often assist me in monitoring the water—and just paddling around the lake enjoying nature. I am a strong supporter of open space and parks from our amazing Central Park with the Arboretum and Harriet Alexander Nature Center to the smallest parks in our system.

Although I am not participating on a team now, I have also enjoyed team sports and played adult fast pitch softball and volley ball until my early forties. Now one is more likely to find me in a yoga class or out walking or tossing the ball for my dog.